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Search Results:

Panda Golf 2

A panda... playing golf... sounds interesting....(more)

Extreme Mini Golf

I can't stop playing this game! its such a good mini golf 'em up! Very addictive.. once you start yo...(more)

St. Mulligan's 3-Putt

Play golf against your friend or the computer on various fields with many obstacles....(more)

Golf 2001

A fun 2D online golf game. Has nice graphics....(more)

Mini Putt

Place your ball on the dark green mat and hit it with a golf club....(more)


19-holes mini golf with World Tournament or Practice mode...(more)

Amazing Golf Pro

Another mini golf with qeird control...(more)

Squirrel Golf II

There is no golf ball in this golf game. A squirrel is use instead!...(more)

Flash Golf

3D Flash Golf game with realistic graphic...(more)

Mini Game

Golf game with cute nicely render female player...(more)

Silly Golf

play mini golf on your desktop...(more)


This is a 3D golf game for your PC...(more)

Flash Golf 2001

2D Flash Golf game with nice terrain rendering...(more)


You don't need any ball to play golf. You can use squirrels....(more)

Sqrl Golf II

This is the sequel to the popular squirrel golf game...(more)

Forest Challenge 2

Play mini golf on your desktop; This version has a setting in a forest...(more)

Amazing Golf

Shoot the golf ball with your putter in this golf game...(more)

Disc Golf

attempt to throw the disc into the cage...(more)

Pitch'n Put Golf

Mini Golf in the house...(more)

Beer Golf

Mini Golf with beer bottle as obstacles...(more)

Golf Ace

Get as many hole-in-ones as possible in this golf game...(more)

Kore Putt

Another mini golf with good control...(more)

Mini Golf

Another Mini Golf game that can be play on your desktop...(more)

Mini Putt 3

This is a mini-golf game that can be play on PC...(more)

Vertigolf 2

Move your putter around with the mouse and hit the ball using space and sink a hole in one in this 3...(more)

Adventure Golf

Show off your golf skills on this 9 hole mini-golf course....(more)

Beer Golf

A really cool and fun mini golf game.To begin each hole,use your mouse to choose a position within the green tea box,and click to drop your ball, To aim your stroke,pull your mouse away fro...(more)


Place your ball on the green, line up your shot, power up and hit the golf ball with your putter....(more)
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